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Harry/Scorpius beta [27 May 2015|06:07pm]

I need a beta for an NC-17 Harry/Scorpius fic (Scorpius is of age), not canon-compliant and long between 20-30k. I don't want to give too much away because it's for a fest. It's due July 20th. If you want more info feel free to PM me :)
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BETA for slash fic - 2k - NC-17 [15 May 2015|04:13pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Beta needed for story due Friday [11 May 2015|07:28pm]

It's only around 1100 words, rated PG-13 for implied sex and nudity. The pairing is Harry/Mrs. Granger.

I'd also like to send it via .txt or Google Doc.

Thank you in advance.
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Beta needed for Harry/Pansy one-shot [09 May 2015|10:01pm]

I was on fanfic hiatus for a year and am now looking for a beta to help with my flagrant comma abuses.  It's not completely polished yet, but likely end up with a mature rating as I just can't stop myself sometimes. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.
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Beta wanted for Ginny/Pansy femslash! [09 May 2015|01:59pm]

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Hi! I'm in desperate need of a beta for a femslash one-shot starring Ginny and Pansy. It is for a fest and the deadline of entry is on the 15th of May, so it's kind of in a hurry. ^__^' The story could be categorized as smut/humor/romance. Details are below:

Ship: Ginny/Pansy
Wordcount: ~4000
Rating: R
Warnings: masturbation, sex

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Short Dramione for a Fest [08 May 2015|07:49pm]

Hi there, I am in need of a beta on short notice. I figured I would post here on the off-chance that anyone is interested.

Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Less than 10K (most likely 5-8K)
Due: Monday, May 11

I am just finishing it up, I have a bit more than 6K and should be done by tomorrow night at the latest. It is due Monday, so if anyone is on hand to help out, I would appreciate it so much!! I can let you know the details through email (queenvandal [at] gmail [dot] com) or PM.

Thanks in advance!!
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Short Notice Beta Needed for Fest Fic (H/D) [07 May 2015|05:32pm]

I need a beta for a fic due May 10th (so, like, three days away. Yes, I'm useless.). It is not currently finished, but almost! I've got a couple more scenes to write, but I can send along what I do have if that suits.


Harry/Draco, ~26K at the moment, will probably be around 28K by the time I'm done. Needs some light SPaG and some britpicking, I guess.
Due date: Sunday, May 10th.

I can't give more info here because it's an anonymous fest fic, but PM me if you have any other questions or concerns.

*crosses fingers*
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Needing a beta for HP/SS fic [02 May 2015|04:12pm]

Needing a Beta to proof-read my Snarry fic.

Basic Story information:

Not complete - being written as chapters to allow easier beta-ing but will be submitted as a whole thing.
Submission date: 1st July
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape

Based after the war, Harry is a Healer a patient comes in that brings with them memories of the past and worries for the future.
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Beta needed for drarry fic [16 Apr 2015|03:10pm]

Pairing: Draco/Harry
Word Count; 10k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Light Bdsm, mpreg(mentioned), Graphic sex

I have no deadline as the fic has been already posted but I just want to have another beta look over it again. I'm generally looking for someone to check for grammar,spellling, and etc.
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I'm looking for a beta for a fic I wrote for the Number Game Fest on rarepair_shorts. What can I tell you about it? I suppose quite a bit, since it's not an anonymous fest..

Pairing: Hugo/Lily
Word Count: 1,400
Rating: T
Warnings: Fluff, cousin incest (kisses + implied frickity frack), fairy tale retelling

I'm not a native speaker. Me is Italiana.
Deadline would be May 20th.
Will give full credit to the beta, will be forever grateful.

Thank you in advance!
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Beta Needed for Drarry Fic (Somehwhat Short Notice) [10 Apr 2015|12:14am]

Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: M
Warnings:Oral, mental health issues (nothing too severe, will discuss more thoroughly through email as I don't want to give away the prompt)
Due: April 20
Length: Most likely 10k-15k (still unsure)

Hi there! I'm writing a fic for HP Mental Health Fest and I am not actually done yet, but it's due on the 20th, so I figured I should start looking for a beta asap! I should be done by the 13th or 14th at the latest.

The story deals with mental health issues (along the lines of depression, nothing too too severe) but it isn't super dark (maybe a bit pessimistic at times). The story ends on a generally hopeful note, so nothing too sad (although there may be a bit of angst during the story). Additionally there's a tiny bit of smut (just a short oral scene).

If you're interested, please feel free to message me or send me an email at queenvandal [at] gmail [dot] com. I am also willing to beta for you in exchange (any pairing) if you are interested!

Thanks, I really appreciate it! :)

Beta found! Thanks. :)
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Beta needed for Smoochfest 2015 [03 Apr 2015|02:48pm]

Pairing: Draco/Harry, background Ron/Hermione
Word Count: ~15,000
Rating: R

Hey guys, since this is for an anonymous fest I probably can't say all that much; it is very Draco-centric, I guess a bit angsty, but since it's for the smoochfest it has a happy ending of course (a very happy ending indeed) ;)

I would love someone to read the story and just send me their thoughts on the way it flows. I can also send you my outline, the way I had the story planned, just to see whether it transfers like that on the page. I just feel like I'm too immersed in it to see this kind of "understanding" issues anymore.
SpaG is not super necessary (I think), but you know how it is, four eyes always see more than two.

Beta found, thank you so much!
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Beta needed for HP Dark Arts Horror Fest - Rita Skeeter one-shot [02 Apr 2015|09:59pm]

Rating: PG-13
Deadline: 4th of April (I know...)
Length: 1,600 words

Things didn't get better for everyone after the war - to the victor, the spoils...

I just need a quick SpAG check, any help would be much appreciated.

Beta found!
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Beta needed for hd_remix Flash Fest [02 Apr 2015|07:34pm]

The fic is just over 3, 200 words and is due April 5th. It's R-rated and needs spag checking. Thanks in advance.
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Beta needed for three fics [28 Mar 2015|10:47am]

1. Snape/Harry gen fic, rated PG-13 with implied references to abuse by a teacher (not Snape). It's around 2700 words and is due April 1st.

2. Hermione-centric horror fic, rated NC-17 due to bloody violence and removal of some body parts. It's around 1100 words and due April 4th.

3. Harry-centric fic, mental health-centric fic, rated R due to self-harm. It's around 3200 words and due April 20th.

If I get any volunteers, I'll need to send them to you either via Google Docs or .txt file since I temporarily don't have access to other word processing software.

I need the stories checked for for SPaG and maybe some plot issues.

Any help would be appreciated.
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QUICK turn around for hd_remix pinch hit [25 Mar 2015|07:02pm]


Hello, I am looking for a beta who has time to look over my fic today/tonight and have it back to me by morning on tomorrow. I know this is very short notice but I'm hoping someone is available and willing.

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Word Count: currently 10,500 and estimating it will be 13,000 by the time I finish

All I am looking for is clarity, flow, and spag. Of course if you want to make other comments, please feel free.

Must be able to work on Google docs, since I do not have Word.

Thank you.
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Beta needed for HP dark arts piece. [19 Mar 2015|12:46pm]

Hello, I’m looking for a beta for a horror fic due April 4. It deals with insanity, gore, violent thoughts and (very briefly) implied non-con. It’s more creepy than terrifying/suspenseful. It’s also kind of playful (maybe?) in a dark way. No pairing. Centred around a main canon character.

This is my first fic to be posted online & I’m a newish writer so any assistance would be great. It’s 2700 and ready to be read.

SP&G & any other suggestions
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Quick SPaG beta for a short Harry/Draco Fic [16 Mar 2015|07:48pm]


I need a SPaG beta for an H/D fic for hp_getlucky.

Deadline is: March 21.
Word Count: 1060.
Rating: PG-13.
Super fluff.

Please email me at digthewriter @ gmail . com so I can share the googledoc with you. It just needs a once-over and nothing major.

~DIG <3
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Request for long-term beta for DHr pairing [16 Mar 2015|01:38am]

Hello! I'm one of the validators at Hawthorn & Vine, and I'm wondering if there's a beta interested in helping an author with a variety of SPaG issues and who'd be available to start taking on the responsibility in the next few days. Many thanks!

beta found--thank you!
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Need Russian/English translation instead of beta work [13 Mar 2015|12:27am]

Working on a fanfic in which I include a slight variation on some Russian lyrics.  There is a scene in which a Russian song is sung and someone translates to those nearby who don't speak it.

Reading/writing Russian fluently would be greatly appreciated.  There isn't a lot of translation required, just a few words and lines here and there.

I have the original plus translation and my slight variation with the changes clearly highlighted to make clear what changes I want to make to the original.

If you are fluent, you could probably knock this out in under 10 minutes tops and you were taking your sweet time.

And I refuse to use BabelFish or Google translation which turns speech into Dobby-speak in the past for me.

Any help is appreciated.
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