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Slow Writer with Muse Problems Seeking Long Term Relationship with Final Beta. [18 Apr 2014|01:47pm]

Slow writer with muse problems seeking long term relationship with Final Beta. Must be a grammar Nazi and preferably able to Brit Pick also. I may require kicks in the arse to get writing and occasional sound-boarding, but I make up for it by not being overly sensitive about con-crit and being good humored in general. I typically write Severus/Hermione, but I often foray into other Harry Potter pairings. I write NC-17/MA content on a regular basis. Most of my work ends HEA, but I do occasionally write dark stories.

I promise as a writer to a beta:
* Everything you receive will have already been at least spell checked first, and usually once-overed by an alpha as well. You will never be subjected to something grammatically unreadable. I am looking for a nit-picker and general English hard-ass.
* I will always give my beta a heads up before submitting something graphic of any nature.
* I will never take con-crit personally. Or if I do because it's been one of THOSE days, I won't make it your problem.

This position would include final beta-ing of current WIPS Severus, Redux and Scandalous. Serious inquires willing to go the distance only please, as I've switched betas and revealed plot points and changed stylistically on S,R in particular too many times already.

If you or someone you know might be interested, please let me know. Thanks!

Appreciate the interest. :-) --Tyche
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Beta Request for Harry/Draco HD Beltane Fic. [17 Apr 2014|11:45pm]


I need a beta for a fic I am finishing up for HD Beltane. It is going to end up around 3000 words from what I estimate from my outline. The deadline is the 23rd of April. The genre is supernatural. PM me if you think you can help I would definitely appreciate it.
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Need beta for BZ/RW [16 Apr 2014|11:09pm]

Rating: NC-17

Pairing/Gen: Blaise Zabini/Rose Weasley

Length: Minimum 1,000 words

Need Help With: Canon compliance, SPaG

Deadlines?: Submission date is around June 1 for hp_darkages.

Warnings: Obvious age disparity
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Need a speedy beta for drabble assignment due Today [16 Apr 2014|04:40pm]

I'm working on a drabble for hphumpdrabbles that is due today Before 8 pm EST.

it's less than 500 words. R and the pairing Cormac/Ginny. hunts of dubcon/non-con.

I just need help with SPAG.

Anyone willing to give a hand? Please send me a PM, ASAP.
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Snarry beta [15 Apr 2014|12:27am]

Hi! I need a beta for a NC-17 snarry fic. It's about 6,000 words (half of which are porn:'D) and needs a quick spag-proofing. And by quick I mean it's a fest fic that's due tomorrow, the 16th (ah!), so anyone who could help me out would receive much love!

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Beta needed for H/D mpreg fic [10 Apr 2014|05:10pm]


I need a beta for a H/D fic for a fest, it won't be more than 10k (maybe not even 7k) and it's due by the end of the month. It's an mpreg fic which  only has fluff. Lot's of fluff! :) 
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Beta needed for Harry/Draco fest fic [09 Apr 2014|12:27am]

I need a beta for a fic (in-progress, but will be completed tomorrow-ish) that's pretty violent. Expected length: less than 10k. Due April 16. Contains bondage, torture, non-con, dub-con, D/s situations. NC-17. Needs SPaG (and britpicking if possible).

If this kind of fic is your cup of tea, please consider beta-ing! Thank you!

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Beta needed for Harry/Hermione story [08 Apr 2014|05:56pm]

I need a beta for a Harry/Hermione story. It's not due until May 15th, so there's plenty of time.

It's rated NC-17 and I need it looked over for SPaG.
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So i'm participating in a fest, and it's been crazy and I was given an extension after completely forgetting the original deadline  (because life got in the way) and the new deadline is TONIGHT. And the person that I asked to me my beta by PM, completely dropped out of the map on me.
The Fic is DONE!
it's not very long and it's a gen/ship piece with Pomona as the protagonist with an ensemble cast/Cameos of Irma Pince,  charlie weasley Minerva McGonagall, Poppy Pomfrey, Hagrid, Madam Rosmerta, Professor Kettleburn, Millicent Bullstrode, with small cameos from viktor krum, Petunia Dursley & Dudley Dursley, Arabella Fig ron/hermione, harry/parvati, ginny/neville,Albus/Minerva, George/Angelina and Alive!Fred/Verity.
The main ships are Pomona/Kettleburn and Pomona/Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank.
I Just need a beta to over see it for grammar/punctuation & coherence/good flow.
PLEASEEEE I don't want to drop out of the fest.
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Beta Requested [01 Apr 2014|03:01pm]

...for a 1500-word Tonks/Percy fic, rated R, overdue for a fest.
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Emergency Beta Needed for Draco Tops Harry Fanfic. [29 Mar 2014|09:31pm]

I'm in dire need of a beta who can look over a 13k  Drarry fic and have it back to me by the 30th of March. Yeah, I know it's a lot on a short schedule, but I've finished the story after receiving two extensions to get the blasted thing done. It's NC17. I'm not sure what the beta should look for in the story other than grammar and punctuation. :) Thanks!
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Very quick Drarry beta needed [23 Mar 2014|08:52pm]


I'm looking for someone who is willing to look over my fic that I need to send in today (yeah I know, but the beta I had hasn't responded yet and I really need it done today). It's under 7k, PG-13 at the most I'm affraid and ehm... I'm still looking in on warnings if there are any. English is not my native tongue but I'm doing alright with it I guess, just to be safe though looking for weird words and sentences wouldn't go amiss... and I have a thing for interpunction, namely putting points, comma's and things like that in places where they don't belong... yeah I think that's it.

Oh right, I already have an extension on it, but that really lasts until today so I'm hoping I don't have to ask for another one

Thanks in advance :)

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Quick beta sought for femmefest story [22 Mar 2014|02:58pm]

I'm looking for a quick SPaG beta for a femslash story due on Monday. It's under 6000 words, with no major warnings or triggers, and I'm happy to share more information by PM. Thanks! Sorted! Thank you!
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Beta needed [22 Mar 2014|01:00pm]

I need a beta for a horror-centric fic that's due on Apr. 6. It's around 3800 words long and the pairing is Dennis Creevey/Romilda Vane. I need it looked over mostly for spelling and grammar.
2 Volunteers | Need a Beta?

Snarry Beta Needed [18 Mar 2014|04:12pm]

Hey all,

I'm in need of a beta willing to do a Snarry fic that's due for submission April 1st. I don't have it finished yet, and can honestly not tell you how long it's going to be (quite probably under 10k, but no guarantees). If you're interested in sort of betaing as I go, please let me know! :) I usually don't need help with anything major, just the occasional odd wording and brit-picking (and that my plot makes sense, I guess).

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I need a beta for a 21k story due March 24 [17 Mar 2014|10:13am]

Found someone!

Rating: NC-17

Pairing/Gen: Luna/Pansy, Luna/Hermione, Hermione/Pansy

Need Help With: Language (my English is good but not my native tongue), plot (the plot is quite complex, so I'm interested in any remarks about plot inconsistencies or OOC-ness), canon compliance (there are two major changes to canon that make the story really AU, but I'd like it to be canon-friendly otherwise, especially regarding characters' life; the story mainly refers to events in Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows). I do like a very in-detail beta job (though I'm aware that time is short here, so... whatever you can do is better than nothing).

Deadlines?: The submission date is March 24, so I'd need to have it betaed a couple of days before that. If necessary, I could get an extension.

Warnings/Contains: In this story HP is killed by Voldemort and it all goes from there. So: Death Eaters, battle, lots of character deaths, Dark magic, enemies turning into lovers and vice versa, references to unhappy childhood. It's basically a lot of plot, there's explicit femmeslash but not that detailed, there's violence but hardly any gore, no sexual abuse and no kink.

Other Info: It's a story for the Femmefest, which requires submissions to be beta read. I'd be happy to make an exchange and either beta read any stories you have or write a piece for you as a thanks gift :).
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Beta Needed [14 Mar 2014|01:17pm]

...for a 500 word fairly explicit het fic. I need almost immediate turnaround as it's due 11:00PM EST Saturday.

Beta found, thanks!
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Beta request for Harry/Draco Fic [28 Feb 2014|09:20am]

Hi all, I'm in need of a beta for a Harry/Draco fic. There's explicit sex in a hurt/comfort context and is partially centered on mental health issues (past abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, paranoid personality disorder). It's about 10k and I'll need it by March 6 for a fest that requires betas.

Please PM/comment if you are willing to beta this fic! Thank you.
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[27 Feb 2014|05:38pm]

I'm looking for a beta for two fics - one for HP Horror Fest, and one for HP Rare Fest. The fics aren't finished yet, but I'd like to get my beta lined up early.

The first fic is pretty dark, and centers around Harry. I assume it will be R or NC-17, and if there is explicit sex, it will be between men.

The second fic involves BDSM and possibly non-con, and will definitely be explicit, likely between one woman and several men.

I'm afraid I don't feel comfortable going into more detail, as they are for fests. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me, and I'll send you my email.
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Searching... [27 Feb 2014|02:01pm]

...for a beta for a <500-word fic for a super-secret fest. All I can tell you is that it's NC-17 and that I need a quick turnaround. If you're interested, either PM me, or comment and I'll PM you with the details.
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