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Someone volunteered, thanks! Beta Needed: kink!fic for hp_darkarts - asap would be nice! [21 Jul 2014|01:49pm]


Hey everybody -

I'm seeking a beta reader for a short kink!fic for hp_darkarts. As for the concept of the fest, Rating is NC-17.

I've finished a first draft (word-count is about 1.150) and now need help with grammar, vocabulary, syntax, flow and ...well, everything.

Be warned: I'm not a native speaker, so a lot of work is awaiting you.

Please comment here or shoot me a PM if you're interested. Thank you so much!

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Urgent perfect SPaG beta for drabble due tomorrow [15 Jul 2014|11:58pm]

I'm finishing up a Ron/Hermione drabble for hp_humpdrabbles due tomorrow before 7pm EST.

it's 500 words, Ron/Hermione and rating is between pg-13 to soft R.

I definitely need a beta who won't miss a single thing while doing a look-over because the deadline is over me and I won't have time to do multiple revisions

Please comment here or PM me early tomorrow and i'll send the drabble.


Got a Beta. Thanks!
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Beta Needed: H/D Fest Fic [15 Jul 2014|03:47pm]

Hi all -

I'm seeking a beta reader for an H/D fic for a fest. Submission date is in August. Without giving too much away, it's slightly AU during/after DH and definitely EWE. Rating will be either PG-13 or R. I'm not finished with the draft yet, but it's probably going to be somewhere in the range of 10-20k words.

I'd be looking for help with plot flow and characterization mostly, but Britpickers/SPAGers are welcome too!

Please comment here or shoot me a PM if you're interested. Thanks in advance!
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MWPP Fic Beta Wanted [13 Jul 2014|05:15pm]
[ mood | creative ]

General Information:I have been out of the fanfiction world for some time now, but it seems as though my muse will no longer be silenced. I have started working on (what will hopefully be) an eight-nine story long saga focusing around MWPP.
Pairings: Eventual Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, possible other minor pairings depending on where the story leads
Rating: PG for now, possibly working its way up to M later in the series
Need Help With: All the commas; I love commas, except for where they actually belong. Also, britpicking and the occasionally someone to bounce ideas off of and to light a fire under me every now and again.

I understand a series is a bit much to take on for some people. I am really looking for someone to help me with the first story, which will hopefully be around 100,000 words.


Need a Beta?

In Search of a Beta [07 Jul 2014|01:16pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Pairing: Snarry
Word Count: Approximately 2,200 words at the moment but depending may be longer if a beta should think something more needs to be added... or less if there is something that just doesn't belong.
Need Help With: Grammar, wording, pacing and possibly britpicking.
What's This For: AU/AR Snarry fest.
Other Info: I already have it written, but would like to go over it particularly for pacing and to determine what else it might need or what should be cut.
Rating: R to NC-17
Deadline: It is due for the snarry fest on August 25th

I am most appreciate of your time. Thank you.

There is a second that is not for the fest. It is going to be a multi-chaptered fic with the first of its chapters already posted at dreamwidth under username slashwriter called A Dragon's Song. This may result in later chapters with Mpreg and NC-17 chapters in future.

Need a Beta?

Beta needed [06 Jul 2014|02:39pm]

I have two fics in need of a beta.

1. AU/AR Snarry fic

Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Gen: Snarry / Johnlock
Need Help With: bouncing off plot ideas, grammar, wording, britpicking
Deadlines: official deadline is August 25th, but I'd like to submit it earlier
Warnings/Contains: AU. Angst. Off screen minor character deaths
Other Info: I have a general idea where this fic is going but would really appreciate brainstorming on midway plot points and get the pacing right. Got some parts written, but definitely far from completion.

2. Time travel fic

Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Gen: Mostly gen, but mentions of het (Andromeda/Ted, Narcissa/Lucius), slash (HP/Evan Rosier), femslash (Bellatrix/OC or maybe not)
Need Help With: bouncing off plot ideas, grammar, wording, britpicking
Deadlines: this isn't for a fest so no official deadline. But I'd like to be done with this fic by the end of the year.
Warnings/Contains: The Blacks being Blacks (aka Walburga's A+ parenting).
Other Info: I'd love to get feedback on pacing, characterization, and other authorial choices and plot points. A lot of it is already written.

Need a Beta?

Desperately need beta for a H/D fest!fic [01 Jul 2014|03:16pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi, all you helpful betas out there looking for a challenge!
I'm new to the fandom and I'm currently working on a H/D fic. Can't give away much more because it's an anonymous fest. I'm in need for a beta to check over the story (about 4.800 words, P/G, pairing is Harry/Draco). As I'm not a native speaker there may be a lot of glitches concerning grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

My deadline is August 31st 2014, so I'm really hoping to have this betaed, wrapped up, and to the mods on time. Please email me at or comment here if you would be able to help.

Thank you!

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looking for a Beta [18 Jun 2014|12:44pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hey My name is Nicky and I'm looking for a good beta.

You have to like Yaoi and Harry Potter fanfics. The story I need help with is on AO3 and its called My Lovely Mates. it's Harry/Draco/OC/OC creature story. Im not great at making things flow together or the popular way of using punctuations. I would like some one to keep on me about updates of the story and help with details. I'm not good at that either. I suck at detailing something. So if u interested please email me at

Need a Beta?

Beta Needed: Harrybang [24 May 2014|11:13pm]

Rating: Probably R?
Pairing/Gen: Harry/Draco, brief Harry/OMC
Need Help With: Plot, some spag, britpicking, and general cheerleading
Deadlines?: Well, the fic isn't due until December, so it'd kind of be a betaing-while-I-write kind of thing?
Warnings/Contains: None
Other Info: This fic is going to be the longest I've ever written, so I know I definitely need outside input on whether or not my writing makes sense/people are in character/the plot hasn't gone all wonky. (Also, the fic has to be at least 50k. I'm not sure how important that is, but if I were betaing, it's something I'd want to know.) Thanks! :)
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Beta Requested [18 May 2014|10:47pm]

...for a series of drabbles. Charlie/Luna, Charlie/Lavender, Charlie/Alicia, Charlie/Meghan McCormack, Charlie/OFC. Hard R for non-explicit sex. 2067 words altogether.
Need a Beta?

Beta needed for a Snarry multi-chaptered fic [13 May 2014|02:39pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
Need a Beta?

Beta needed for a slash rare pair [11 May 2014|10:02pm]

I desperately need a beta for a fic due the 21st.  The fic is going to be around 20K. I can't say what the pairing is, but it is Remus-centric slash  and is NC-17ish material. Warnings are violence, whipping, employer-employee relationship, maybe some consent issues, and maybe some non-sexualized child neglect (depends on if I decide to leave in certain scenes). The pairing is two people who are close to the same age and are in their 20s in this fic.  Even though the fic is NC-17 and there are several warnings, it's not 20K worth of smut -- there will be 1-3 sex scenes.The fic probably won't be finished for another day or two. I'm mostly looking for a read-through for SPaG type issues.  If you want to know the pairing before committing to read it, then that's fine as well, just PM me. Any help at all would be great.    
Need a Beta?

Beta for fest fic [12 May 2014|10:42am]

I need a beta for a Harry/Draco fic I'm working on for a fest that isn't due till mid next month. But I need someone who can go over it as I work so that I have someone to bounce ideas and who can tell me that something isn't working while I'm writing rather than waiting till finish it and then finding someone to do a speedy SPag check.

I think it's going to be kind of long or that's what I'm aiming for. :) and there might be mpreg. I'm still not sure about that part. 
Need a Beta?

Rare pairing (slash, NC-17) [11 May 2014|09:41pm]

I'm looking for a beta for a rarepair slash fic. I'll most likely finished it tonight, and it probably won't be longer than 2k. It's due on Thursday. I can't say what pairing it is, but there's no cross gen, incest or underage. It has explicit sex but I don't think it includes a lot of potentially squicky material. I'll take any type of help, from a thorough SPaG check to a quick read-through. Please contact me through PM, and feel free to back out if you don't like the pairing. Thanks!

Edit: Beta found!
Need a Beta?

Lucissa fic needs beta! [10 May 2014|05:28pm]

The fic is due on May the 19th, so it's in a bit of a rush.

It contains explicit heterosexual sex that is femdom in nature, so big warning for that.

I'm mostly looking for someone who can just read through and spot and SPaG errors and the like. Nothing too major.
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Beta reader wanted for Hermione/Luna story [02 May 2014|05:26pm]

Pairing: Hermione/Luna
Rating: Not too sure, but I'll put NC 17 just in case

Okay, so I'm working on a Hermione/Luna story. I'm looking for a long time beat reader who will be patient as I write the chapters, and who will be with me until the end. I honestly do not know how long it's going to be, but I'll try not to make it too long.

Here's what I'm looking for: Grammar, honest opinion, help with the plot even though I have some idea. I'm also stuck on some details though I know the gist of the background, and someone who isn't afraid to ask me if the story is going anywhere, or tell me it's too boring or whatever. Of course even though I want complete honestly, I would appreciate being told these things in a nicer way. Also, I want someone to take their time beta reading it as well. I would say at least give the your comments and such within two weeks of reading the chapter. I will e-mail you the story through Microsoft Word, or I can just copy and paste it in the e-mail.

If interested, you can e-mail me at:

Thank you :)
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Draco/Harry Mpreg [30 Apr 2014|10:02am]

Hello, I am looking for a beta for the mpreg_fest. I have to turn in my fic by May 13th. The length will probably be about 5k-7k in total. I am willing to beta-for-beta, even if your fic isn't Drarry.

Thank you!
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dramione fic [27 Apr 2014|06:13pm]

this is for the Dramione remix mini fest.
Length: 997 (max word limit is 1,001 so anyone who can beta/edit a fic in a tight word count would be welcome)
Type: SPaG
Turnaround: anything up to 2 weeks. the piece isn't due until July but i do like to get mine in early
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, unhappy ending
Need a Beta?

Urgently need beta! [25 Apr 2014|07:35am]

Hi! I desperately need a beta for a Harry/Draco fic for a fest due on the 30th. It's about 7k and it has mpreg. It's finished, all I need is someone to look over the SPaG and let me know if the characters are too OOC or there are any glaring plot holes.

Need a Beta?

Beta needed for Post-DH fic [24 Apr 2014|07:03pm]

I need a beta - mostly plot - for a Post-DH fic. This is a bit different as I've already posted some chapters, but I think I need to rewrite the last one anyway. Would anyone be willing? I'll link to the last since it has the link to all of the chapters, but will also include the summary and characters below.

Title: Neither Here Nor There
Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: PG-13

Summary: It's been six months since the war, and everyone's ready to try moving on. Lyall Lupin and Andromeda Tonks  are coming to terms with the death of their children, finding solace in one another - but will the case remain if Lyall learns about Andromeda's new alliance? Kingsley Shacklebot is trying to lead a country that has been left bitter by war, so distrustful many even doubt him. And Hestia Jones is trying to harbor all she holds dear, which is hard when there's secrets she's never had the heart to reveal. Meanwhile, people are still missing, and new threats are lurking, but nobody is sure exactly who is being threatened.

Ships: Hestia/Kingsley, the buildup of Percy/Audrey, presumed Harry/Ginny, Bill/Fleur, past Remus/Tonks, past Percy/Penny.

Comment here or PM me.
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