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Beta wanted for Severus/Sirius fic. [15 Feb 2017|09:59am]

Hi all,

Looking for a beta for a short and kinda creepy fic. Please?

Pairing: Severus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Frottage, handjobs, minor bloodplay, possible dub-con
Length: 1240 words
Notes: This is for Daily deviant and all that the comm entails which basically means it's porn. My date is the 24th, so I would need it back a few days before then for fixes.

Thank you in advance!
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Beta wanted for a Dramione piece [13 Feb 2017|12:20am]

I need someone to go over my story to check for SPaG, and the occasional missing word.

Title: Where Home Is
Rating: apparently an M, because strong profanity.
Length: whole story is approx. 33,000 words, but I only need the last three chapters checked, so maybe 18,000?
Notes: It was a submission to the interhouse_fest, and I'm currently trying to upload it to dramione.org, but managed to land the most pedantic validator. I would really be glad to have someone to comb through my punctuation, and check my grammar once more.

EDIT to add summary: A few months after the War has ended, Hermione discovers Draco sitting on her doorsteps one evening, and instead of chasing him away, starts talking to him. It soon turns into a regular event, with them talking about things like forgiveness and home—until Harry discovers them.

(Draco swears a bit, and alcohol is involved at some point, but nothing more.)

Leave a comment or send me a PM if you're interested. :)
Need a Beta?

Beta found! [09 Feb 2017|12:22pm]

Hullo lovelies, I really hope that someone can help me out.

Rating: gen/PG
Pairing/Gen: no pairings. Characters Marcus Flint, Cassius Warrington, Adrian Pucey, Terence Higgs, OMC
Need Help With: SPaG and flow, and if you're up for it, Brit picking
Deadlines?: 18 February
Warnings/Contains: cheap wine and a bit of swearing
Other Info: It's a story about four old friends coming together and having some wine. No slash, just friendship. It's complete at approx. 4k words written in MS Word.

Please shoot me a PM or email me at rosevalleynb@gmail.com if you're able to help.

Thank you!
Need a Beta?

Beta needed! [05 Feb 2017|08:03pm]

Hello, guys!

I have written a side story for one of my fics, but I really wish someone could take a look after it, seeing grammar, britpick and such.

It is a Drarry fic, bottom!intersex!Draco. Basically almost 5k words of shameless smut.

If you are interested, is the continuation of my fic Savages: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5836117

Hope someone can help me, and eventually see into the longfic on this universe!

Need a Beta?

Femmeslash Beta [04 Feb 2017|02:11am]


I need a beta for an f/f story Ginny/Pansy Quidditch fic (sorta but not really).

It's less than 1000 words.
Rating: Soft R
Content: Kissing. Some teasing. A bit of gasping. It's ridiculously vanilla.

Basic SPaG and maybe some pointers but nothing too extreme. It's for a low-key fest.

Due date is March 1st.

I can share the google doc w/ you. Comment here or email me at digthewriter @ gmail. com
Need a Beta?

Help Please! [30 Jan 2017|12:27pm]


I'm taking part in the Dracotops_Harry fest and I'm looking for someone willing to be a second set of eyes; make sure what I write is coherent and cohesive. :)
The author also asked for UST and I'd like to be able to give it to them. ^^'

The deadline for this is March 19th.

Pairing: Draco/Harry

Rating: R or NC-17

Summary: Harry grows up not knowing about the magical world outside his own, or his own role in the events unfolding in it. He is kidnapped and held prisoner by Draco Malfoy, a man desperately spinning a tangled web of plots and schemes to save his family. If he can use the legend of The Boy Who Lived, or if he must turn Harry in to Voldemort in order to be free, it makes little difference to Draco.

Word Count: I have no official word count. This one is going to be longer though; probably 20k+

Warnings: Major character death; Mentions of torture (I don't think I'm going to get explicit with that, just sort of allude to the fact that it happened.); Depictions of violence.
2 Volunteers | Need a Beta?

Draco/Harry Story [12 Jan 2017|06:27pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
1 Volunteer | Need a Beta?

Beta Needed for HP Kinkfest entry! [11 Jan 2017|12:19pm]

Name: rosevalleynb
Rating of fic: NC-17
Pairings in fic: KB/MF
Any warnings about fic content: Fic contains the consensual spanking of an adult, anal sex, d/s undertones, generous use of the word cunt and other crude language.
Where to contact you: PM me or shoot me an email via rosevalleynb@gmail.com
Any other important info the beta should know: See warnings. Fic is about 2200 words long. This will be my entry for the 2017 HP Kinkfest and I need someone to check the SPaG and flow. I use Word.
Need a Beta?

Found [17 Dec 2016|03:01am]

I need a beta for the rarepair_shorts winter exchange fest. Deadline is 21st Dec.

Pairing: Hermione/Sirius
Length: 1k
Rating: PG13
Warnings: fluff
Beta type: spag, flow
Need a Beta?



I'm in desperate need for a super speedy beta (because the one I had stopped responding) for a Fest Fic due Monday.

Pairing: Harry P./Nymphadora T.
Rating: R/NC-17 (explicit sex. dub-con?)
Word Count: Less than 2,000 words
Need help with: spelling/grammar/punctuation/flow
Due Date: November 28(midnight)

leave a comment or send me a PM if you can do it.
Need a Beta?

Seeking a Beta Reader - Dramione [24 Nov 2016|08:35pm]

I'm looking for a beta reader for a one-time or ongoing (your preference) basis.

I appreciate SPaG and flow comments but not suggestions for plot or characterization. I write book-compliant fics (with the exception of the Epilogue) and I have no idea what Pottermore has done to canon. I've been around the fanfic block a long time, under many names. Unfortunately, most of my beta contacts have moved on. I like Lumione and Dramione. On rare occassion, I'll write a steamy NC17 or R fic but not much lately.

Currently, I have a four-chapter Dramione complete that I'd love to have a second pair of eyes look over before posting. I have another Dramione (3 chapters) with a beta but it's been awhile and she isn't getting back to me.

If you're interested in one or both fics or have a question, please comment here or drop me an email at this username (at) yahoo.com.

Need a Beta?

Urgent - Beta needed for H/D gift!fic [24 Nov 2016|02:36pm]


I need some help with SpaG and flow.

The fic is H/D, +5k, and a bit angsty. A quick turn-around would be awesome, as I already missed the deadline and am straining my extension. I'm working with Google docs.

Please comment below or PM me if you are interested.

Thank you!
Need a Beta?

Urgent beta for Smutty Claus fic [21 Nov 2016|02:33am]

Deadline is in 5 days so I need a superquick turnaround.

Pairing: Hermione/Rabastan
Warnings: explicit sex
Length: 1.1k

Beta type: spag, porn, flow

can send fic through google or email
Need a Beta?

Urgent: beta for a short Drarry fic [20 Nov 2016|03:57am]

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a beta for a Drarry fanfic urgently. This is an anonymous gift, so there's a time constraint and, if you need more details, PM me.
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: PG
Word Count: 600
Need help with: spelling/grammar/punctuation
Due Date: November 23
It would be great if you could help me - just comment here or send me a PM.

Need a Beta?

RS Small Gifts Beta Needed (willing to swap) + Mini-fest [19 Nov 2016|04:36pm]


I need a beta for the rs_small_gifts event. My fic is pretty short although it is in letter form, it shouldn't take long. I work in Google Docs, basically just need a SPaG and flow check.

kitty at kittyaugust dot com

1 Volunteer | Need a Beta?

Urgent: Beta needed! [16 Nov 2016|11:25pm]


Hi all,

I'm (still) looking for a beta (or two) for the two following fics (SPAG only):

1) Christmassy fic, about 1,500 words, Harry/George

2) longer fic with winter/Christmas theme, ~17k in length, Snape/Harry

I would be so grateful if one of you could help me out. Due dates are next week, extensions might(!) be possible (if I beg nicely). <3

Need a Beta?

Beta request for a general-audiences Sirius Black AU fic [16 Nov 2016|10:04pm]
I need help from someone who could help me clean up a fic. As I'm not native speaker, I need most help with grammar and vocabulary, and also with HP (canon) world because I'm relatively new to this fandom.
The fic I'd like betaed is only slightly longer than 8 pages, with two more chapters still on the way. It is mostly Sirius-centric, and when I say "alternative timeline" heed my warning - things go rapidly against what we see in canon. No "mature" content in it, no considerable character death.

In the future I'll also need help with translating my relatively good English grammar to authentic house-elf grammar. Even if you don't have time to read a whole fic for me, help with Kreacher's lines would ne greatly appreciated.
Thank you for considering!
Need a Beta?

FOUND: Beta(s) needed for two submissions to the Mini Fest [12 Nov 2016|09:20pm]

Hi! :)

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend...

Anyway, I'm in need of at least one lovely person who would check my submissions to the mini_fest, they are both one-shots with different pairings.

1) First one-shot is a NC-17 story, and I'd rather not name the pairing here—submissions are anonymous, and the pairing is rather rare (the characters aren't though), so it would be telling. It's a fluff piece. Length: approx. 5,670 words.
I only need spelling and grammar checked, as well as some brit-picking.

2) is a Drarry one-shot, the rating is more likely PG-13 upwards, as it contains a short more explicit paragraph, and some mentions of implied sexual actions. It's a fluff/humour piece. Length: approx. 6,670 words.
I mostly need spelling and grammar checked, as well as some brit-picking; however, I'd love some feedback on the characterisations as well, as it plays in an era I don't usually write in.

I can give more details in a PM if you're interested.

Need a Beta?

Beta for Snarry fic needed [09 Nov 2016|12:49pm]

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a beta for a holiday-themed Snarry story - SPAG especially.

Pairing: Snape/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~17K
Due Date: November 21

It would be terrific if you could help - just comment here or send me a PM. :) Thank you!
Need a Beta?

Rare Pair Beta [08 Nov 2016|12:54pm]

This fic is for an anonymous fest, so pairing and more information available if you comment or message me.

Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: slash, age difference, dub con turns to feelings, guard/prisoner dynamic, implied rape of an OMC by nameless death eaters
Word Count: Less than 5k
Status: Overdue, WiP, will be ready to send in the next day or two
Format: Google Docs
A/N: All characters are over 21
Need a Beta?

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