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Beta needed for hp_drizzle [21 Aug 2016|03:03pm]

It's due on September 1st but I would really like to get it out as soon as possible. Its a NC-17 Harry/Draco oneshot, almost 3000 words. Spelling and grammar check and just to see if it is okay basically. I've read through and fixed all the mistakes I could. Any additional comments are welcomed.

Please and thank you. :)

Found. :D
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Harry/Draco Beta(s) Wanted [13 Aug 2016|02:25pm]

I will need a beta or betas for the following fests (because I'm silly and when I dive into a new fandom I go for the deep end).

  • hd_familyfest - due 1 Sept (aiming to submit early, looking to start beta/editing around 21 Aug)

  • hd_hurtfest - due 24 Sept (aiming to submit in the first week of Sept)

  • hd_erised - due 7 Nov (I actually need an alpha read and a beta read for this one - I need some help to bounce ideas off for the story plan/structure as well as a final SPaG check)

  • hd_owlpost x 3 - due 11 Nov (aiming for early Oct subs, also pinch hitting)

I am also considering picking up either H/D or femslash prompts for:I prefer to work with a few different people so I don't feel like a total burden - thus I'm not asking for one person to do ALL of these but rather looking for a couple of people who might be keen to help with one or two each?
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Beta needed for hp_drizzle [06 Aug 2016|05:42pm]

The piece is due on the 15th. It's an NC-17 rated Harry/Draco piece, a little over 1000 words long. Spelling, grammar, and flow check is all. No kinks -- just plain vanilla sex. I work in .rtf and my computer does not like google docs (also I don't have word so comments sent in a fancy format I can't see.)

Could anyone help?

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Pinch Hit Femmeslash Beta Needed! [31 Jul 2016|08:08pm]

I am still writing the fic at the time of writing this post - but I'm on the wrong side of the world and need a quick response if possible.

I've put my hand up for a last minute fill and will need a beta who can do a quick turn around. I'm usually pretty easy to beta for. I'm a Kiwi so don't need much britpicking and I have a degree in English so my basic grammar and spelling is pretty strong although I am a typo fiend. I am also not at all precious and don't need to be carefully stepped around - give me your feedback as directly as you want, I won't be offended and I'll take it on board and do what I can to make my work more reader friendly.

Pairing: Ginny/Luna (+ background Draco/Harry)
Word count: est 2000 to 5000~
Rating: M
Warnings: Emotional infidelity (no action but due to the prompt the story starts with Harry/Ginny)
Format: GoogleDocs is my preference but I can send it to you as an MS Word doc if need be.

Best contact is to email me on kitty at kittyaugust dot com but I will be checking back on this post too.

Well and truely found - you guys are the best and I love everyone in this bar.
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Wolfstar Beta Needed [28 Jul 2016|09:46pm]

I'm in need of a beta for a novel series length fanfic about Remus and Sirius, a lifestory. It's a verging on epic and I'd like to start posting the first few parts in the near future.

It does have some triggers. It is a slash fanfic, mostly Remus/Sirius, with some other pairings in there too. There are some scenes of child abuse and themes of recovery from abuse. And there's some angst in general.

It is long so I don't mind if you only want to beta some of it in the end.

I need general critique and reassurance that characterisation, etc works. Grammar isn't much of a problen but I've pobably got typos in there! I'm writing it with a friend so some help in making sure our style matches would also help.

You can contact me on wolfchild666@gmail.com
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Found: Need a beta for hd_familyfest :) [27 Jul 2016|03:46pm]

I'm looking for a quick beta to give my submission a once over for me.

Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Gen: Harry/Draco
Word Count: 3,400
Need Help With: SPAG, flow, britpicking is always a happy bonus!
Deadlines: Preferably soon, but actual fest deadline for submissions is Sept. 1
Warnings/Contains: fluffy family feels
Other Info: The fest is anonymous posting until the reveal.

I can be contacted either via PM or at mtheginger@gmail.com!

Thank you!!!
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FOUND: Urgently a beta needed for Dramione Duet story [21 Jul 2016|06:16pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'd be really grateful if someone could check my Dramione Duet story, as mentioned in my previous entry, as the deadline is still July 30th. ;-)

It's just about 4'600 words, (Rating NC-17) and I just need SPaG checked plus maybe some Britpicking.

I'd be close to eternally thankful to anyone who feels up it!

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FILLED - Last minute replacement beta needed! [17 Jul 2016|05:33pm]

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Length: 7k+

Please message me if you can help or if you want to know the details. :)
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Beta for two fics needed [15 Jul 2016|07:58pm]

The first is for Dramione_Duet, so my beta can't be a participant. It's around 1800 words, and is rated PG-13 for some brief, partial nudity (very brief). It's due on July 30.

The second is also around 1800 words, rated NC-17 and has multiple pairings. It's due August 15th.

I would like the beta to look over it for SPaG, characterization and maybe some Britpick. Also, I prefer to send it through Google Docs.

Any help would be appreciated. :)
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Found: Beta needed for Dramione Duet story [15 Jul 2016|09:52pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I need someone to beta read my story submission for the dramione_duet 2016 round. Deadline is July 30th, story is about to be ready for reading through on Sunday.
It'll probably between 3,500-4,000 words long, and I mostly need someone for SPaG, and maybe some Britpicking.

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FOUND - Beta for a short Draco Malfoy piece [15 Jul 2016|12:40pm]


MI am seeking a beta for a short piece (c.2,000 words) about Draco Malfoy's first day at the Auror Academy.

I'm looking for someone who can check my spelling and grammar, with a particular focus on tense: the story is written in the present tense, which is not my typical style. I'd also welcome comments on the flow of the piece and general quality of the writing.

The fic isn't associated with any fest, but I would like to post it by the end of the month.

You can get hold of me via PM or by email at ravenclawsquill@gmail.com.


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Beta needed! [14 Jul 2016|01:40am]

Hello world. Searching for someone to look over my PG-13 Ginny/Luna piece. It's only 2.3K and the deadline is mid-August. Anyone interested? Thank you in advance!
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Need a beta for HP Timetravel Fest [04 Jul 2016|10:15pm]

Hello, I'd love a beta for the following:

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: around 12,000
Fest: hp timetravel
Turn around time: I need it ready to post before August 1st (its due August 1st)
Medium: Microsoft Word
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
What I'm Looking for: Pretty much just need someone to look it over for me and find any typos, inconsistancies, or places where it needs improvement.
Need a Beta?

Need a beta for hp-crossgen fest [25 Jun 2016|01:39am]

Hello, I'd love a beta for the following:

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1700
Fest: hp_crossgenfest
Turn around time: I'd like it back before July 10
Medium: Google docs only
Pairing: Teddy/?? (it's an anon fest so i'd like to keep the pairing a secret)
What I'm Looking for: SPaG. Flow. Basic knowlege of Hogwarts?

Pretty much just need someone to look it over for me and find any typos.
Need a Beta?

Beta for HD Tropes Fest [21 Jun 2016|08:28pm]

Name: Sara Bennett (aka glittering_git)
Rating of fic: R
Pairings in fic: mainly Harry/Draco
Where to contact you: I can be contacted here or emailed at saraybennett@gmail.com
Any other important info the beta should know: I know this is sort of last minute, but I'm incredibly new to this whole writing fan fic thing. The fic is due by July 15, but I hope to be completely done with it by the 10th. It will probably be around 15-20k. I'm willing to beta other work in return. Please, please let me know if you can help. Thanks!
Need a Beta?

Beta needed for a Harry/Draco fic (HD Tropes Fest) [11 Jun 2016|02:37pm]

Beta needed for H/D Tropes Fest fic!

Rating: NC-17 overall, current completed work is G/PG
Pairing/Gen: Harry/Draco
Word Count: 5,300 - overall each of the 4-5 chapters will be 5-10k.
Need Help With: SPAG, flow, britpicking is always a happy bonus!
Deadlines: Preferably as soon as possible, the due date is July 15th and I'm trying to have my submission completed and beta'd by July 3rd.
Warnings/Contains: N/A for this chapter, eventually will contain explicit sexual situations
Other Info: My submission is 4-5 chapters long, each chapter is roughly 5-10k each. The first part is ready to go for a beta to look over it. The fest is anonymous posting until the reveal. Overall it should be somewhere between 15-30k total.

I can be contacted either via PM or at mtheginger@gmail.com!

Thank you!!!
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Beta needed for time travel fic (gen) [07 Jun 2016|08:56pm]

Hi there,

I'm looking for someone to beta a fic that's due on the 1st of August - any help would be appreciated, but I'd be happy with a quick SpAG check too.

OC, Tonks, Helga Hufflepuff
Length: 2k
Warnings: none
Beta type: SpAG

I can work in whatever format you like, please send me a PM if you're interested.
Need a Beta?

URGENT BETA NEEDED - FOUND [31 May 2016|09:01pm]

Hi, I need a beta for the hprarefest. My extension deadline has passed so I'm absolutely desperate for someone to do this as I really don't want to have to drop out.
Pairing: Hermione/Lestrange brothers
Length: 2k
Rating: PG13
Warnings: none
Beta type: SPaG

Notes: Can do this by google docs or email. Would like a really quick turnaround.
3 Volunteers | Need a Beta?

Beta needed for Severus/Sirius Fic [28 May 2016|11:22pm]

Rating: NC17
Pairing: Severus/Sirius
Need Help With: Grammar, britpicking (English is not my native language), general flow of things
Deadlines?: The deadline isn't until August, but I would like get this all tidied up as soon as possible.
Warnings/Contains: Biting, bloodplay
Other Info: This is for an anonymous fest, and it's complete (~ 1800 words). It's set after the Second Wizarding War, and obviously it's an AU because both Severus and Sirius survive.

PM me or email me at junip3r23 at gmail dot com
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Beta needed for HD mPreg fic [15 May 2016|04:20am]
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Gen: Harry/Draco
Need Help With: SPAG, tense correction, britpicking
Deadlines: As soon as possible, as the extension is until roughly 20th May
Warnings/Contains: mPreg
Other Info: It's an anonymous posting, until the reveal, for the HD mPreg fest 2016, and it only requires another lookover as my previous beta has done the major editing. It's around 15000 words.

I can be contacted either via PM or at iCarly1969@gmail.com, and I'm willing to work over google docs or simply by email correspondance.

Need a Beta?

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