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FOUND: Beta(s) needed for two submissions to the Mini Fest

Hi! :)

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend...

Anyway, I'm in need of at least one lovely person who would check my submissions to the mini_fest, they are both one-shots with different pairings.

1) First one-shot is a NC-17 story, and I'd rather not name the pairing here—submissions are anonymous, and the pairing is rather rare (the characters aren't though), so it would be telling. It's a fluff piece. Length: approx. 5,670 words.
I only need spelling and grammar checked, as well as some brit-picking.

2) is a Drarry one-shot, the rating is more likely PG-13 upwards, as it contains a short more explicit paragraph, and some mentions of implied sexual actions. It's a fluff/humour piece. Length: approx. 6,670 words.
I mostly need spelling and grammar checked, as well as some brit-picking; however, I'd love some feedback on the characterisations as well, as it plays in an era I don't usually write in.

I can give more details in a PM if you're interested.

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