Minerva's Revenge (minervasrevenge) wrote in hp_betas,
Minerva's Revenge

Seeking a Beta Reader - Dramione

I'm looking for a beta reader for a one-time or ongoing (your preference) basis.

I appreciate SPaG and flow comments but not suggestions for plot or characterization. I write book-compliant fics (with the exception of the Epilogue) and I have no idea what Pottermore has done to canon. I've been around the fanfic block a long time, under many names. Unfortunately, most of my beta contacts have moved on. I like Lumione and Dramione. On rare occassion, I'll write a steamy NC17 or R fic but not much lately.

Currently, I have a four-chapter Dramione complete that I'd love to have a second pair of eyes look over before posting. I have another Dramione (3 chapters) with a beta but it's been awhile and she isn't getting back to me.

If you're interested in one or both fics or have a question, please comment here or drop me an email at this username (at) yahoo.com.

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