naarna (naarna) wrote in hp_betas,

Beta wanted for a Dramione piece

I need someone to go over my story to check for SPaG, and the occasional missing word.

Title: Where Home Is
Rating: apparently an M, because strong profanity.
Length: whole story is approx. 33,000 words, but I only need the last three chapters checked, so maybe 18,000?
Notes: It was a submission to the interhouse_fest, and I'm currently trying to upload it to, but managed to land the most pedantic validator. I would really be glad to have someone to comb through my punctuation, and check my grammar once more.

EDIT to add summary: A few months after the War has ended, Hermione discovers Draco sitting on her doorsteps one evening, and instead of chasing him away, starts talking to him. It soon turns into a regular event, with them talking about things like forgiveness and home—until Harry discovers them.

(Draco swears a bit, and alcohol is involved at some point, but nothing more.)

Leave a comment or send me a PM if you're interested. :)
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