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Harry Potter Betas Resource
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It's finally here... a one-stop resource for searching for a beta for your fic. If you're looking for a one time beta or to contact someone for a permanent beta, this is the place for you. No fic is too daring for our betas!

If your fic could possibly contain squicks (BDSM, bestiality, bloodplay, no-con, chan, etc) or is of a higher adult rating (ie, R or NC-17), do include the warning in your post. Also, those offering themselves up for betaing should list their squicks (if they have any).

This community is for searching for betas, or offering yourself up as a beta. There will be no fic recs here nor community advertisements. There are countless other places to post if you want to promote your fic or promote your community.

If you want to talk with other betas about the hazards (or rewards) of betaing works in the HP fandom, head on over to betas_anonymous.

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