okkkkay (okkkkay) wrote in hp_betas,

Beta request for a general-audiences Sirius Black AU fic

I need help from someone who could help me clean up a fic. As I'm not native speaker, I need most help with grammar and vocabulary, and also with HP (canon) world because I'm relatively new to this fandom.
The fic I'd like betaed is only slightly longer than 8 pages, with two more chapters still on the way. It is mostly Sirius-centric, and when I say "alternative timeline" heed my warning - things go rapidly against what we see in canon. No "mature" content in it, no considerable character death.

In the future I'll also need help with translating my relatively good English grammar to authentic house-elf grammar. Even if you don't have time to read a whole fic for me, help with Kreacher's lines would ne greatly appreciated.
Thank you for considering!
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